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Orlando is mainly visited for the legendary theme parks such as Universal Studios Florida or Walt Disney World. However, this destination offers many other interesting places such as great outlet malls, outdoor activities, and dinner options. With activities for all ages, it is necessary to have an efficient transportation method on your visit. A Car Rental Orlando is the most recommended option to give you the freedom that you need.

If you plan to visit any of the parks or attractions, a Car Rental Orlando will make you reach your destination easily and fast, and avoid the crowds or depend on someone else’s schedule. If you prefer, a road trip from Orlando to Miami or Atlanta with a car rental is a perfect way to visit multiple cities and beaches nearby.

Make great memories along the way and drive between various destinations with a Car Rental Orlando. All our prices include taxes and insurance, so you can drive without worries. Most of the major car rental companies are located at the airport, but you can book your vehicle in advance to make sure your Car Rental in Orlando Florida will be ready at your arrival. It can also be cheaper than rent a car once you get to the city.

Traffic in Orlando is manageable even though the city is one of the most visited cities in the states, thanks to the well-maintained roads. Some of them can get busy during rush hours, so it is advisable to avoid the main avenues. There are also many parking spaces available in the downtown for more accessibility.

We have the perfect vehicle for your trip to Orlando, Florida. Reserve your Car Rental in Orlando today and enjoy it as anyone.

Car Rental in Orlando


What to see and do in Orlando?

Orlando is one of the most popular destinations in the United States, with plenty of activities to do onboard a rental car.

Orlando’s main attractions are the exciting theme parks. Some of the most popular are Universal Studios Florida, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld. Which makes Orlando the perfect place to enjoy a family holiday.

The Kennedy Space Center is another famous attraction, where you can meet real-life astronauts and learn all about the US space program. But if you prefer a more natural scenario, visit The Everglades Wetlands, the perfect place to take an airboat tour.

However, Orlando is also well known for its nightlife attractions, such as musical events and nightclubs. With a Car Rental Orlando you will not have the difficulty of moving to each attraction no matter the time.

What is the best car rental company in Orlando?

Car Rental Orlando Airport provides the best service at reasonable prices. With total prices since the beginning of your reservation, insurance and taxes included. With vehicles in constant maintenance so you can have a comfortable trip and free mileage in all our rents. 

We take care of every detail in your Car Rental Orlando service, always seeking maximum customer satisfaction.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Orlando?

The minimum age to rent a car in Orlando is 21 years of age. However, a fee may be applied in case you are between 21-24 old.

Can I modify, extend, or cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation by contacting our contact center prior to your pickup time. Take in mind that a cancellation fee might apply or rates can change at the moment of your modification.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Orlando?

Car Rentals in Orlando Airport Prices
Price Category
$30 Compact
$95 Minivan
$130 Standard
$115 Full-size
$150 Passenger Van